Portrait Photography

If you’re looking for a portrait studio that
consistently produces quality images, with
a good choice of print options at the right
price, look no further.

We are a team of experienced Portrait photographers in Sheffield, UK.

With us you’ll have a good time, get a good result and,
above all, receive affordable, quality products that will last a lifetime.

We currently have two professional photographers based at our studio; Ant and Jon Naylor. Our photography experience of over 12 years speaks for itself.

If you want some good portrait photos of yourself for Mum or you want to celebrate your teenagers birthday and get a few of their friends together for a fun group shoot, we can do it. We have good techniques in portraiture of new-borns and toddlers – our youngest so far was just 7 days old! So whether you are younger in years or elder in years you can rest assured that we have the skills we need to get the images that you want. 


Our studio is well equipped with state of the art lighting and we use the latest Digital SLR cameras to ensure fantastic quality images everytime. With a range of different backdrops and props your images will express there own individual creativity.

Usually half an hour with you in the studio is enough time to shoot a good variety of images for you to choose from. This isn’t set in stone however. We can take more time than this or sometimes we can have what we need in 20 minutes.

Your experience:

On your arrival we’ll have a chat, break the ice and do a few practice shots just to get you used to the lights and camera etc. You totally have nothing to be nervous about and once you get into the ease of it you’ll find it’s quite fun.

Before you know it we’ll have you doing different poses and expressing your natural charm with an ease that you might not have thought possible.

We’ll try loads of different angles and lighting techniques so that by the time you view your finished images you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Most people prefer to let us get on with what we know during their time with us however, we are very flexible and happy to try any suggestions that you may have of how you would like a certain image to be.

You are welcome to bring your childs favourite toy, guitar or blanket etc. along to your studio session. Customers often bring a change of clothes as this brings a little more variety to your studio time. This isn’t essential though, as every expression can tell a thousand words. All we need is you.  

What’s included?

£15 photo session includes:

  • 20-30 minute studio time^
  • 1 photographer
  • Up to 5 people >
  • Group portraits
  • Individual portraits
  • Online viewing/proofing of usually around 30 gorgeous images
  • One free 10×8″ framed print of your choice *

Contact us to book a session!

* One free 10×8″ framed print of your choice available with your first order of £35 or more
^ If you require upto an hour studio time the price is: £25 for your photo shoot
> If you would like to book for more than five people the price is: £5 per additional person