Photo Montage Examples

Photo Montage Examples

Photo Montages make amazing personalised gifts for your loved ones or even for your own home.  They compile all of your favourite photos into one stunning photo. In this blog post, we will look at a few examples of Photo Montages we have made for customers.  
This montage is for a wedding anniversary and uses a beautiful mixture of old and new photos from their lives and photos of their loved ones. This kind of montage is the perfect gift for celebrating special occasions like weddings and birthdays and nothing shows how much you care like a personalised gift! 
We also do montages for your pets!
It is a great way to commemorate their lives or just to have all of your pets in one amazing photo. 
With this one we have used 3 different photos of the same dog to create a stunning montage to celebrate the life of mans best friend with a brand new fitting background and a lovely wooden frame to finish it off. 
With this photo montage, we have taken a mixture of photos from someone’s life and have edited them all flawlessly onto a brand new background. They have all also been made sepia so that they match the older photos and create an overall theme for the montage. 
With this final example, you can see a smooth blend between old and new as well as coloured and black and white photos. This montage was for someone’s birthday and shows photos of their family surrounding them.
As you can see from the examples Photo Montages can make the perfect gift for any occasion or even as a treat just for you! 

You can even order yours online using the link below! 

£50.00 – £200.00

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