Photo Restoration Examples

Photo Restoration Examples

Everyone has old photos of family members, friends, themselves or special moments like weddings or birthdays, however, sometimes those photos can get damaged or fade over time. In this blog post will be looking at a few of our recent restorations and how we can restore your photos which might be in a similar or even worse state. 
This torn old photo was brought to us recently which had been ripped right down the middle. This tear went right through their facial features as you can see above making this quite a difficult job to do.
 When you look at a photo the face is what your eyes are drawn to meaning that this needed to look exactly like it did once before! 
We repaired the cracks and reconstructed the peoples faces turning this torn old photo into an amazing brand new portrait in a brand new frame too!

An old family portrait can hold so many memories of those who are either no longer with us or are all grown up. It is such a shame to see them beginning to fade away as they can be a reminder of times gone.
We brightened this photo up and made it black and white bringing back out some of the lost details as well as removing all of the marks. To finish off the photo we replaced the dark old background with a brand new one so that the people stood out more! 
Family history is important and it’s a shame when the photos of your ancestors begin to fade away. These 2 photos were on the edge of fading away completely with cracks, creases and marks all over them. 
We carefully brought back the details, removed the marks and refined the outlines so the photos looked just as they did all those years ago!
Damaged photos like this are on the edge of fading away completely and it would be such a shame to lose what is such a lovely photo from the past.
We removed the marks and brought the detail back to life. We even added a splash of colour to help the photo stand out from its background. 
This photo like many others hold special memories which could be lost and forgotten if allowed to deteriorate.
Memories can fade, but your photos don’t have to! 

Above you can see just a handful of amazing restorations we have done in the past for customers and we can help you too!

It’s really easy to order just click on the button below to go to our store or come and see us in person!

£25.00 – £125.00

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