4 Ways Your Photos Can Get Damaged


Photos hold precious memories of family members and special occasions like birthdays and weddings however, as time goes on they can become damaged and faded and need restoring in order to keep those memories alive.

In this blog post we will be talking about 4 of the main ways photos get damaged and also a few ways to prevent it!

Sometimes photos are neglected and as such can become tattered and ruined especially older photos which are not printed on as high quality paper which we have access to today. 
One way to prevent this would be to take care of old photographs as these are the prints that are most susceptible to tearing due to the low quality paper they were printed on. Store them in an album and keep them straight to avoid creasing.
You can see that these photos have large rips and tears in them leading to the loss of detail or even large chunks of the photo.
Cracks show up on photos when they generally are mistreated and neglected causing sometimes devastating damage. If cracks are left they could turn into quite bad tears and cause pieces of the photo fall off.
Just like with creases the best way to prevent this is to store your photos properly in albums and take care when handling and moving them around in order to preserve them. 
These photos have been brought to us with cracks in them. A lot of these cracks are going straight through the important details in the photo like faces.