Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

We’ve got some amazing personalised gift ideas for you to give your friends and family this year. 

From montages of their pets to restored old photos we have something to make everyone smile and with a 20% discount store wide using the discount code “CHRISTMAS” our gift ideas are affordable. 

Photo Restoration

A Photo Montage is an amazing gift to give at Christmas time and can be a gift for the whole family.

We can merge your favourite photos into one amazing montage that can combine moments from someones life or photos of the whole family to create a large family photo without everyone having to be in the same place!

As you can see on the right we can do them in black and white, colour and sepia using old and new photographs and in a variety of different styles.

Photo Restoration

There’s no better gift to give than good memories, however some of these memories might begin to fade as photos that remind you are damaged. 

Restoring a photograph can be difficult however we are up to the task and as you can see by the photos on the right we have brought a bunch of badly damaged photographs back to life. 

We can fix tears, cracks and fading in order to make old photographs seem brand new. 

Photo Editing

Is there a family photo a loved one really likes but there’s someone in the background spoiling it or a photo that could be put on a stunning new background?

We can edit yours and family’s favourite photos in order to make those special photos even better. 

As you can see in the examples we can remove people from photos, add people into photos and also reconstruct missing pieces of photographs in order to make the perfect picture. 

Everyone loves their fluffy little friends whether they are cats, dogs, rabbits or even reptiles they all have a special place in the family.

Weather you want to remember a pet who has passed away or have a stunning portrait of all your pets in one picture a pet montage is perfect for you, and with Christmas on the horizon there’s no better gift to give a loved one than a personalised one they will keep and treasure forever.


We also have a wide range of personalised gifts from mugs to coasters which are perfect for stocking fillers and can be purchased on our store!


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