3 Ways to Help You Increase The Lifetime Of A Photograph

3 Ways to Help You Increase The Lifetime Of A Photograph

Everyone loves photographs! They hold precious memories from life or even a relatives life and can remind people of times they reminisce about.

This is why its important to preserve these memories so they can be cherished for generations to come and there are a few factors which can contribute to this preservation which is why in this blog we will go over 3 Ways To Help You Increase The Lifetime Of A Photograph.

1.UV Rays

UV Rays are the main cause of fading on a photograph, because of this steps should be taken in order to prevent a photo being exposed to these harmful rays that are emitted by the sun and florescent bulbs.

To prevent this from happening you can protect your prints using a UV shield such as UV resistant glass which will help to protect your photographs from UV Rays

2. Heat

Heat damage can be devastating to an old photo as it can contribute to the deterioration of the print and also can damage the frame it is in.

In order to prevent this you should ensure that your photos are not close to sources of heat such as :


-Space Heaters

-Open Fireplaces

Heat comes hand in hand with UV rays too as sources of UV rays often give off heat such as the sun and fluorescent light bulbs.

3. Humidity

Humidity is the amount of water vapour that is in the air and can lead to dampness on a photo which can ruin the print by it getting stuck to the glass and also could sprout mould. Humidity also paired with high temperatures can cause prints to crack and condensation to stick prints to the glass.

In order to prevent this you should air out any rooms where you could be air dying clothes in order to prevent high humidity or even using a dehumidifier to control the humidity in a room.

These methods for preventing the deterioration of precious memories can be use for photos old and new in order to help them last a lifetime.

If you have a damaged photograph which you want restoring then check out our Photo Restoration service which can help to bring that old photo back to life!

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